Welcome to WikiRhyme


WikiRhyme is a wiki-based English rhyming dictionary under development.


Watch this space!


Why a wiki?


The most exciting thing about a wiki is the way it allows people to communicate. (Perhaps that's also the most exciting thing about the whole Internet.) This wiki is essentially a hand made dictionary. When you look something up in it, you are using computers certainly, but you are using them to communicate with other users, rather than to solve the problem directly.


There are other online rhyming dictionaries which also have their place, but they use computers far more directly.


The most challenging thing about a wiki is the way it allows poor-quality information to appear alongside good quality information. That's a minus for projects such as Wikipedia, but is argueably a plus for this one. The whole purpose of a rhyming dictionary is to stimulate creativity. The user will effortlessly reject any poor leads. They don't impact the usefullness of this project at all.